Apply for APP ID and APP Key

APP Categories

APP: APP Developed Using Zenbo SDK

  1. SDK or Tools Type: Choose Zenbo SDK.
  2. App Name: Enter the APP name.
  3. Package Name: Enter the Package Name, which must be unique.
  • Format of Package Name: com.[company].robot.[app name]
  • Enter upper or lower case English letters and numbers for company and app names. Symbols and space are not allowed, including these symbols (< > : / | " ? * ; \ , ’).
  1. Description: (Optional) Briefly describe your APP or digital content in up to 200 words.
  2. Use Zenbo DDE Yes/No: If you use the DDE Editor provided by ASUS, choose Yes.
  3. After specifying all fields, click SUBMIT to complete the application.

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