What is PyZenbo

Zenbo Junior Python SDK (PyZenbo) provides a API for connecting and controlling Zenbo Junior remotely from PC by using Python 3 programming language. You can import PyZenbo and other AI & ML libraries to develop amazing Python application.


PyZenbo SDK Architecture

  • TCP/IP socket port: 55555
  • Preferred Local Area Network


Establishing PC Environment

  1. Download newest Python and install: https://www.python.org/
  2. Download newest PyZenbo for Zenbo Junior and decompress: https://zenbo.asus.com/developer/tools/
  3. Open cmd.exe and change directory to your PyZenbo folder
  4. Run “python setup.py install”. It’s done as bellow


Establishing Runtime Environment on Zenbo Junior

  1. Open ZenboLab
  2. Press YES if the 'Ignore battery optimizations' dialog pops up. 
  3. Make sure that both Zenbo Junior  and your PC connect to the same WiFi AP. 
  4. Keep ZenboLab. running on Zenbo Junior .
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