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ASUS Zenbo Developer Program Kicks Off

Taipei, Taiwan (29th November, 2016) — ASUS today officially kicked off its Zenbo Developer Program with the launch of the Zenbo software development kit (SDK) and Zenbo Developer Tools. Developers can download the Zenbo SDK and Developer Tools for free by visiting the Zenbo Developer Site (https://zenbo.asus.com/developer/) and registering as a member. With the Zenbo SDK, developers can control Zenbo's many abilities — including active mobility, 3D vision detection, diverse facial expressions, gestures, and verbal communication — to create their own innovative apps and experiences.

The Zenbo SDK consists of DDE Editor, App Builder, and Story Editor. DDE Editor is a tool that helps developers design and test their apps, and it also serves as a platform for publishing app dialogue scripts. App Builder is a visual development environment featuring custom programming tools for Zenbo. Its visual programming logic interface improves application development efficiency as well as let developers easily control Zenbo's actions, expressions, sensors, and other functions. App Builder also contains a 3D graphics simulator that lets developers preview programming execution results for faster and easier development and editing. Story Editor provides a software framework and timeline based interface that enables developers to create and edit stories for Zenbo. With an attractive interface and intuitive tools, Story Editor simplifies the often-tedious story editing process and integrates directly with the simulator to let developers immediately view and edit generated content, helping them quickly create high-quality, interactive experiences. ASUS will continue to update the Zenbo SDK and developer tools to add more features, such as Internet of Things (IoT) support.

In addition to the launch of the Zenbo SDK and Developer Tools, the Zenbo Developer Forum is now live. Developers and anyone with an interest in Zenbo, robotics, or IoT technologies and experiences are welcome and encouraged to join the discussion. To register or learn more about the Zenbo Developer Forum, please visit https://zenbo.asus.com/developer-forum/

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