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Introduce Zenbo APP Builder
Environment requirement
Zenbo APP registration and APPID acquisition


Introduce Zenbo APP Builder 

Zenbo APP Builder is a visual programming tool especially designed for Zenbo. Based on the visual code-editing model of Google Blockly, Zenbo APP Builder features interlocking graphical blocks to represent code concepts (variables, logical expression, etc.) to control actions, expressions, sensors, movements, etc. Zenbo APP Builder also features a 3D Simulator, which allows the user to freely create and edit APPs for Zenbo. The user can also preview how the codes will run with the Simulator.

NOTE: The current Zenbo APP Builder is a Beta release version. Provided blocks may be updated in the future, and may not be compatible with earlier versions.



Environment requirement 

Zenbo App Builder is accessed from the browser, and is supported on various computer operating systems.

Browser download and installation

[PC Window7 or later or Linux]

Google Chrome

Microsoft I.E. version 11

Mozilla Firefox


MAC OSX 10.9 or later]

Apple Safari

Recommended screen resolution 1920 x 1080 (FHD)

LAN or WIFI connection

NOTE: We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version.




Sign up and create an ASUS Account by following the link below

Log in to your account and complete the Developer Registration Form in the link below

Launch Zenbo APP Builder



Zenbo APP registration and APPID acquisition 

Fill in the application information and acquire the developer’s APPID in the link below

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