Using colors

Colors that are exciting, vivid, and with high saturation are used in combination with a black background to represent a visual sense of rhythm that is not only joyous and playful, but also further enhances the screen's extensibility. This allows the interface to escape the limitations of the screen's borders, and the combination of high-contrast colors makes the messages more clear and the commands unambiguous.


All components are formatted and embellished with a large number of circles and smooth circular arcs or large rounded corners. The overall design represents conscious efforts to reflect the personal style and design as well as the warm and approachable image that has been established for Zenbo.

Ratio of components and font size

All components and their layouts must be displayed within the confines of the frame and must not exceed the allowable space in order to provide users with visually pleasing proportions. In terms of visual proportions, text sizes and icons should be recognizable and readable within a 10-feet distance from the user.

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