Zenbo SDK

System requirement and SDK package

•Android M, API level 23

•Dependency Google GSON library

•SDK include


  –RobotActivity module

  –RobotDevExample source code

  –ZenboDialogSample source code

  –ZenboSDK javadoc


About SDK

•DS: Dialogue System

•CSR: Continuous Speech Recognition

•SLU: Spoken Language Understanding


APP bring up


Zenbo SDK Architecture-Subclass

•Robot: Dialog system, Expression.

•Vision: Face detect, Body tracing, Arm gesture, Measure Height.

•Motion: Move Body/Head, Remote control, Go To Somewhere

•Utility: Follow user, Go there by gesture, Play emotional action.

•WheelLights: Blinking, Breathing, Charging, Marquee.

•Contacts: User profile, Room info

•Slam: Get localization


Zenbo SDK Architecture-callback


  1.onStateChange: return command status

  2.onResult: return parameter when command process.

•Vision callback

  1.onDetectFaceResult: return face detect result, includes face location, face box location, etc.

  2.onDetectPersonResult: return person location.

  3.onGesturePoint: return arm gesture point position.

•DS callback: Listen subclass

  1.onResult: SLU result.

  2.onRetry: automatically ask again when the DS can’t recognize the result.

  3.onVoiceDetect: detect voice event, ex. detect HeyZenbo, start/stop CSR


SDK Sample Code

•以一般的方式開發Android APP

•加入Zenbo功能: Import Zenbo SDK (ZenboSDK.jar), 並使用 Zenbo API

  –加入Zenbo SDK, 可參考ZenboHelloWorld

  –使用Zenbo API, 可參考RobotDevSample

•使用Dialog System 辨識語音

  –可參考Module: ZenboDialogSample


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