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Welcome to ASUS Zenbo App application development!

This example teaches you how to build your first Zenbo app with App Builder. You’ll learn how to create a project with App Builder and run it within Zenbo simulator. Before deploy onto Zenbo devcies, you need to export a project as a zba file. You'll also learn some fundamentals of Zenbo design, including how to build a simple user interface, multimedia player, move Zenbo body and handle conversational dialouge.



Zenbo starts playing music and flashing his wheels' LED. He moves forward 10 centimeters, then turns a full circle and looks up.

Zenbo: '嗨, 我是Zenbo'.
Zenbo invites someone to some his performances.

Zenbo: '想聽音樂還是看影片呢?'
Zenbo shows options on the screen for user choosing.

Someone: 'Music' (or 'Movie')
Zenbo starts playing music or movie by chosen. In this step, if you plan that let user select item via voice command, please define the sentences in DDE system.






Register a ZBA App  >
Learn more about DDE  >


Build a ZBA APP

1. New a project and select its default language


2. Interlock blocks according to scenario analysis, you also can download the example,  and import it.


3. Save project (.zba) file
Please fill in package name, App ID, version code, domain UUID, domain version and so on APP information and then save your project.


4. Run APP on Zenbo simulator


5. Run APP on Zenbo

Connecting to Zenbo by IP

  • Find Zenbo IP address from Zenbo’s about status at Android Settings.
  • Fill in Zenbo IP on Connection dialog.
  • APP will transfer to Zenbo after connected.


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