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Zenbo won BC Awards in 2017 Computex

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Cheers to Zenbo!
Zenbo won 3 awards in 2017 Computex, they are Best Choice of the Year Award, Best Choice Golden Award, and Computex d&i Award.

Zenbo is a revolutionary product for ASUS.  The maturity of cloud computing technology has already made it possible for us to enable robotic computing for every household.  With ongoing development, we hope that Zenbo can overcome current environmental limitations and provide useful and compelling functionality for everyfmaily member.  To do this, we do in-depth research of each target audience adn provide a platform to encourage developers from different fields to create additinoal features for users.  We are determined to make Zenbo everyone's smart little companion for the home.  We belive Zenbo can be a leader in robotics as well as a key player in raising awareness of AI technology among various industries.




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