What Zenbo Junior can do

AI Robotic Education
We offer a new trend in STEAM education with block-based programming that combines artificial intelligence to cultivate logical thinking and analytical skills starting from a young age.
Zenbo Lab
  • Block-Based Programming: Design interactive Zenbo applications with graphical user interfaces
  • Line-Following Sensor: Create paths that Zenbo Junior can navigate independently
  • Built-in Sonar: Enable Zenbo Junior to avoid various types of obstacles with his programmable sonar system
  • Touch Sensor: Provide different reactions for Zenbo Junior when users interact with him by touch
Classroom Management Console
  • Classroom Management: Reduces effort for teachers who are in charge of multiple classes
  • Teaching Material Management: Makes it easier for teachers and students to distribute and receive teaching materials
  • Evaluation Management: Provides both teacher and student evaluations to facilitate improvements to the learning environment
Comprehensive Development Tools
The Zenbo Junior developer tools have been updated and include APIs for multiple sensors and a core SDK that allows developers and system integrators to create specialized robotic applications faster and easier.
Zenbo SDK
  • Get started quickly with included Java libraries and files
  • Use clearly defined APIs for Zenbo Junior’s conversations, expressions, actions, wheel lights, IoT applications and more
  • Utilize advanced APIs to build Zenbo Junior’s face detection, body tracking and following users
DDE (Dialogue Development Environment) Editor
  • Design, inspect and publish custom dialogue for Zenbo Junior
  • Features intuitive interface for dialogue development
  • Includes web interface for editing and verifying dialogue
Total Business Solution
Zenbo Management Console (ZMC) enables easy and efficient remote management of multiple Zenbo Junior devices.
Zenbo Management Console (ZMC)
  • Customize settings in accordance with client preferences
  • Lock the screen and prevent users from opening specific applications
  • Remotely install and manage Zenbo Junior apps
App Builder Pro (ABP)
  • Create multiple types of menu-driven interfaces to enhance interaction between Zenbo and users
  • Remotely control multiple Zenbo Junior devices via a mobile app
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