Zenbo Junior II is our caring AI companion.

Zenbo Junior II is our interactive robot packs various perception, cognition and loads of IoT functions.
Zenbo Junior II helps you to be more efficient, more interesting and to make more of artificial intelligence in all sorts of everyday situations.

Zenbo Junior II in Various Scenarios


Use Zenbo Lab to create interactive conversations and activities to help students practice speaking and listening skills.

Health Care

Self-assessment in hospitals where patients can enter information to speed up assessment time.

More Scenarios

Zenbo Junior II can bring lively and professional information introduction to passengers, users and customers.

WHY do you need Zenbo Junior II

  • Loaded with effective tools for providing AI-powered tuition.
  • Compatible with AI recognition technology which creates a learning experience about AI.
  • Exclusive Zenbo Lab development platform for easier programming.
  • Efficient tools for providing intelligent medical services.
  • Enhances the level and speed of patient care, creating an intelligent medical experience.
  • In the limited medical resources, maximize efficiency.
System Integration
  • Useful tools for providing a friendly development environment.
  • Easy access to Java SDK or API with an open resource platform.
  • To be a friendly companion and providing an adorable appearance.
  • To be an intelligent consultant who can deal with common questions.
Other Business
  • Use the Zenbo Management Console to create customize intelligent functionality for a wide variety of scenarios, and control multiple robots at once.
  • Build an AI-powered brand image.

4 Outstanding Capabilities

Equipped with Perception AI
Friendly Human-Robot Interaction
Easy-to-Use Development Environment
Efficient and Performance-Boosting Tools
Commercial Cooperation
I will be your powerful AI assistant!
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