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Zenbo Developer Meetup Highlights


Taiwan’s first Zenbo developer meetup was held on July 31, 2016.

Joe Hsieh, Global Vice President of ASUS and Alan Hsieh, CTO of ASUS began the Zenbo developer meetup by sharing the purpose for the meeting, introducing Zenbo’s features, and outlining the future vision of ASUS robotics with attendees. The goal of the meetup was to provide better experiences for users by facilitating the exchange of ideas and creative cooperation among developers.

With Zenbo’s abilities, developers can create education, entertainment, convenient living, and smart home applications.

Zenbo is designed for everyone, and he makes a great companion for families. He has specific functionality to assist seniors, he is a friendly playmate for children, and he is a great helper around the house.

  • Great Gateway to a Guided Digital Life
  • Personal Assistant
  • Emergency Respondent
  • Interactive Storyteller
  • Smart Tutor and Learning Companion
  • Kid-friendly Programming Apps
  • Smart Home Manager
  • Home Security Guard
  • Convenient Living Provider
  • Family Photographer

Through the introduction of the Zenbo Developer Program, meetup participants learned about the evolutionary direction of the Zenbo SDK and the coming compatibility between Zenbo and the Internet of things (IoT). Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of Zenbo, so developers received instructions about the script editor to make designing chat scripts easier. Since Zenbo is not yet available, developers also received an overview of the tools produced by the ASUS research and development team — including a Zenbo simulator, graphical programming tools, and a story editor — so they can create apps ahead of time.

The goal in creating a Zenbo development platform and tools is to make it faster and easier to create applications for Zenbo, allowing developers to be more productive and help make Zenbo become more advanced more quickly. ASUS also demonstrated several simple applications created with the platform that showcased some of Zenbo’s unique functionality, including music, dancing, and storytelling.

The meetup closed with a Q&A session, where developers were able to discuss specific questions with the Zenbo development team, learn more about the platform, and stimulate their creativity.

The Zenbo development meetup was held at the ASUS Qiyan office in Taipei.

Joe Hsieh, Global Vice President of ASUS shares Zenbo’s development vision

Sharing the Zenbo development tools to stimulate developer creativity.

Enthusiastic interaction between Zenbo’s development team and developers.

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