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“Zenbo Is as Good as Social Robots Get.”

“This Friendly Robot Could One Day Be Your Family's Personal Assistant”

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Sweet Companion

Helps seniors enjoy a connected digital life and safeguard their health and well-being.


Entertains with music, movies, and photo slideshows anywhere in the home and provides control with easy-to-use voice commands.


Reacts to emergencies and notifies family members no matter where they are.

Spoken Reminders

Delivers spoken reminders of important information, such as doctor's appointments, medication schedules, or anything else that needs to be remembered.

Miracast Support

Facilitates stress-free digital experiences by helping with a variety of online tasks, such as browsing social media and shopping.

Fun and Educational Playmate

Entertains kids with interactive stories and learning games that foster creativity and logical thinking.

Play Songs

Tells fun interactive stories to keep kids entertained during the day and help them relax and fall asleep at night.


Teaches and entertains with a variety of educational games and fun learning materials.


Becomes a friend and playtime companion who plays children’s favorite songs and dances along to the music.

Hands-free household helper

Enriches the home with a broad range of skills that make life easier and more enjoyable.


Connects to and controls smart home devices, including lights, TVs, air conditioners, and appliances for ultimate rest and relaxation. With Zenbo's built-in screen, you can even view visitors at the door and then unlock it with your voice.


Acts as a remote-controlled home camera that covers the entire home, providing peace of mind that your home is safe when you’re away.


Reads recipes out loud so you can stay focused on cooking.

Miracast Support

Captures memories as the family photographer to preserve special moments at home.