An Overview

A phrase by definition is a small collection of words grouped together as a conceptual unit. For example, in the English language, a transitive verb should be followed by an object; therefore, it’s best that you define a phrase = {verb + object}.


Create phrase icons

Surround the phrase by a pair of curly brackets, and then all the stuff within the brackets, along with the brackets themselves, will transform to a single purple icon.

An Example

In Fig. 1, we have a class named buy_a_vehicle, which has two instances, both of which are phrases (Please see the below section in this page about how to create a phrase.). We are only going to explain the first one --- "buy a vehicle". Due to the fact that the word 'buy' is a transitive verb, it should be followed by an object. In this case, it is followed by a reference class called vehicle, which acts as the object of 'buy'. In consequence, the two units together form a phrase.


After we have defined the phrase, we can reference it afterwards under the intents tab while creating sentences.

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