Lock a Version for release.

After publish and deploy to the download server, developers can test on DDE or Zenbo. If developers want to release a final version, it is needed to lock a version for a specific domain. The following steps will show you how to lock a version on DDE.

Step1. Check the Project Info

Open a DDE project to be locked, and click “Project Info”

First, please fill in Developer App ID. After choose the ID, the system will automatically find Package Name and App Name, as shown below.

Next, fill in the Launch Activity. Note that the full path means the path includes the package name.

Step2. Lock a version

Select “Lock the current version” in Menu Dev, as shown below.

Please make sure that the domain ID, version, and developer App ID are correct. Then, click Confirm.  

If success, the message is shown below.

Otherwise, the system will display some error messages. Note that if the version number is used before, it is required to change a new one.


Note 1: If an APK is used more than one domain, all domains should be locked, respectively.

Note 2: Please make sure that the domain ID & version in the manifest file in an APK are identical as those in Project info.


Memo - Import a locked version

You can import a locked project in the project center.


A list of all domain IDs and versions locked before will be displayed as shown below.

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