This is a basic tutorial on how to test your application through the Editor.


Input sentence 

You can test the app simply by using the testing window on the right side. Input the query sentence by using typing text.

Fig. 1. Testing window of APP.


Specified domains 

Next , you can define the scope of the testing. When “All domains” is checked, the input sentences will be tested in all domains. For “Specified domains” you can select how many domain be involved during test.

Fig. 2. Choose domain.


Set Context 

There is an another testing method “Set Context”, you can test under a specified domain and context.

Fig. 3. Setting app ID and context to test directly.

Test with all ASUS domains 

When “Test with all ASUS domains” is checked, the input sentences will be tested in your domain and all ASUS system domains.

Reset context 

When testing app, the system will keep the current context ,you can reset the output context by clicking “Reset Context”. If you click "End app", the will reset the latest context.

Fig. 6. Reset all context and End app button.



For example, type ‘Hello City’, and results are displayed as below.


Fig. 7. Testing result of sentence.

Json format result 

In addition,  the SLU result can be shown in JSON format. 

Fig. 8. SLU result in json format.

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