High Scalability

Program Zenbo series robots with Scratch 3.0 and control more robots at one time.

Zenbo series robots including :

  • Zenbo
  • Zenbo Junior
  • Zenbo Junior II
High Compatibility

Compatible with devices built as an extension in Scratch 3.0, including LEGO® Mindstorm EV3 and BBC micro:bit.


Step 1

Launch Zenbo Junior II’s Zenbo Scratch app, click the button in the upper right.

Step 2

Install and open the Scratch file in the download folder. The file is ZenboScratch.html, which we advise opening with the Chrome web browser.

Step 3

Start using Scratch 3.0 to program Zenbo series robots. For more information about how to program, click the More Details button below.

Sample Files

* Samples are all applicable to Zenbo Junior II.

Zenbo Junior (Single)

Zenbo Junior (Multiple)

  • Greetings

    Say hello to Zenbo Junior friends.

Zenbo Junior with micro:bit

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