Programming and Developer Tools

Zenbo Lab

Zenbo Lab inspires AI applications from learning results to implement “Artificial Intelligence Education” and create various robotics applications.

  • From block-based programming to text-based coding
  • One click to convert to Python code
  • Lower the learning curve for text coding

Zenbo series with Scratch 3.0

Zenbo Junior II becomes an asset for AI learning, connecting to other devices and increasing diversity and ease to use.

  • Connect to other devices, such as LEGO® Mindstorm EV3 and BBC micro:bit
  • Connect to one or multiple devices at once
  • Control Zenbo Junior II with real-time remote handset

Developer Tools

Based on Android, we offer various APIs, including dialogue, actions, expressions, IoT and other features that make Zenbo Junior II suitable for different applications.

Romote Management

ZMC (Zenbo Management Console)

Remotely manage multiple Zenbo Junior II statuses and update the system software to improve operational efficiency.

  • Real time device status management
  • Remotely install applications on multiple devices at once
  • Remote desktop

QAP (Q&A Publisher)

QAP is a cloud platform that lets people with no coding background quickly set up a customizable survey database.

  • History to analyze FAQs
  • Easily import and export FAQs
  • Supports multiple languages
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